Patronage Essay

A short typewritten paper (4-6 pages) based on your imagined account of your patronage of a Renaissance artist of your choice. You will “commission” any work of art from the Renaissance that inspires you!
For this paper you will research the artist’s life, artistic practice, and style. You will also research the lifestyle of your persona and you will write an imaginative “first-hand “ account of your commissioning of the work of art. You will include a carefully researched description of your artist, his/her studio, the people working in it, the materials and methods your artist employed, the style of the work of your artist and you will position yourself into the fabric of the time and place of your choosing. All this information must be substantiated by a thorough analysis of the scholarly literature available about your topic. You will use this topic to demonstrate your understanding of the role of the patron, the role of artist’s organizations, the training of the artist, artist’s techniques, the style of your chosen artists and the typical subject matter associated with him/her.
You will cite all of your sources and such sources are necessary for a complete paper.

Artist: Jan Van Eyck
Art work: Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife, Portrait

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