Topic: People and their Pets

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First, select a theme that is important to the nature of being human. Some ideas include Female Beauty, Territorial Conflict, Earth Stewardship, Consumerism, Classism, Home, Elder Care, Child Discipline, Sports, Courtship, Funeral Practices, People and their Pets, or other topics approved by instructor. Most of these topics should be narrowed down.
Second, show how your theme manifests itself in three different time periods OR three different contemporary cultures.
Find at least one artwork (can be literature, poetry, painting, music, etc.) to represent each culture or time period and explain its significance. Random photographs don’t necessarily count as art.
Conclude with your personal response to the theme. Address these questions: In the contemporary American culture, how important is your chosen theme? How do you, personally maintain or acknowledge its importance?
Your paper should be 4 – 5 pages. If it’s an oral presentation, it should be 7-8 minutes.
Use MLA, APA, or CSE style for citing sources. Visit Owl at Purdue if you need help citing sources.
Follow the specifications and format requirements below.
Grading Rubric

Clearly communicated (worth 5 points)

Critically analyzes information from 3 different social or historical perspectives (worth 5 points)

Selects and explains significant humanistic and artistic expressions (worth 5 points)

Recognizes interdisciplinary connections (worth 3 points)

Develops personal response to theme (worth 3 points)

Uses and cites appropriate sources (worth 4 points)

Some science journals may require fees. To help you get started in your search, the following websites have links to free full-text journal articles:

IMSA: Resources for Student Inquiry and Research

Wiley Online Library

I encourage you to make use of the free services provided by the Writing Center. “The tutors in the Writing Center can help you develop strategies for planning, organizing, drafting, and revising papers, reports, or other documents.”

Acceptable length: 4-5 pages.

Incorporate high quality evidence related to the topic.
Cite sources.
Organize ideas in a systematic way with each section logically connected to the others.
Employ standard English. Use proper spelling and grammar.
Formatting Requirements:
Put your name and assignment title clearly at the top of the document.
Use MLA, APA, or CSE format. (See the instructions for “Project” under the “Assignment Completion Guide” for details on MLA formatting.)
Use at least one-inch margins and a twelve point font.
Use double line spacing in the document.
Include citations and attach a works cited page.
Save as a “rich text format” (.rtf) file, if you don’t have Microsoft Word®.

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