Discuss power within group relationships by answering and discussing some of the following questions. However, do not simply answer these, one by one; treat them as overview for you to prepare to write your entry.
o Why does someone who holds a recognize base of power, not use it?
o Why does someone who holds a position of high ability to influence, find the need to constantly “one-up” others with whom
she/he is already up?
o What does it mean when we say we can give up our power or give away our power to someone?
o How is it that two people can perceive themselves to be powerless in the face of each other?
o How is it that two people can want to be equitable with each other, but more often than not, behave inequitably?
o How much does a belief in power as a finite quantity contribute to our approach to using our own power bases?

Required: Use TWO references from Ch. 6 & 7 and ONE reference from the mini-lecture. Cite sources appropriately. Do not include your own experiences or your opinion. You want to formally discuss power between members within their groups. Stay on track. Demonstrate a deepened understanding of power and influence.

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