Length: 5 pages + cover page and citation page
Sources:At minimum 4 sources should be from a scholarly journal.
Citation: All citations MUST be in MLA or APA style.
Structure: Cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, citation page.
-Body should include a summary/review of each of the 4 articles.
Instructions: Choose a topic covered in the pathology textbook. Then use LIRN to find scholarly articles pertaining to physical therapy and the pathological condition you have chosen. The report should provide an overview of the pathological condition including but not limited to causes, population primarily affected, primary characteristics/signs/symptoms and mortality/morbidity rate. Discuss the impact the condition has on a patient’s functional abilities and appropriate or effective evidence based physical therapy interventions. Include discussion regarding the strength and validity of the research article. In the conclusion, summarize the important points that “every PTA” should know about the condition and recommended physical therapy interventions. **Wikipedia does not count as a valid or reliable source.

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