Personal Challenges: Six Entries Seminar Review

You should also include a brief introduction which outlines your structure and specifies which SIX teaching sessions you have chosen to structure your diary around. Beyond the above instructions for the presentation and format of your work, which you must adhere to, you can make a choice as to how you actually structure and present the work. It should also include an overview/conclusion about your experiences of the module as a whole.  The reflective diary is designed to help you gain the most from the module by encouraging you to reflect throughout on your learning during the module.

Please do not spend too much time on the appearance or image of the work, i.e. do not spend a lot of time including pictures, for example. This is not at all aim of the exercise.
But of course your work must be checked carefully for errors and in that sense presentation is important.
The diary should be 3,000 words (+- 10%).  You should use the first person “I” voice, as it is a record of your thoughts and reflections.
As with any piece of academic work, any references you make to literature and research within the journal should be fully referenced in a bibliography or reference list at the end of the diary.  You should use an appropriate academic format for referencing.

– Introduction max. 250 words.

– Core 3 parts:

1. Purpose to promote: Personal Profile (750 words).  Your reflections on your overall learning on the reading/research that we have covered on the module, for example, what have you learned from the module about your own styles and preferences for learning? For example, how accessible do you find the ideas and concepts?, how useful do you find them or imagine them to be in the future?, how interesting do you find them?

2. Purpose to promote: Education Profile (1,050 words). Requested that you discuss material related to SIX of the teaching sessions on the module (either lecture/seminar or both. Course module: Individual and Group Behaviour its Psychology and Psychoanalytical Aspects). Your reflections on the concepts (1. Identity and Child and Adult Development: The importance of the Past according to Sigmund Freud; 2. Personality: The Divided Self according to Melanie Klein; 3.The Psychodynamics of working with others according to Donald Winnicott;  4. Psychotherapy Ideas and concepts applied to studying Organisations according to Manfred Kets de Vries) and ideas we have introduced and discussed in teaching sessions and your experiences on the module.
The objective of the exercise is to be honest and so you should feel free to write constructively promoting about aspects of the module that you have found especially relevant and challenging.
Of course please avoid to write entries on everything too negative, since there were sides you  disliked, found difficult, or at the very least, have found not helpful to you at this time. Because it is unlikely that anyone will find all of the aspects of the module straightforward or appealing, as the module aims to challenge you.

3. Matching Profile (700 words). Your reflections on how the reading, concepts and ideas presented in the module, and any extra reading you have done, connect with, and illuminate, your own personal experiences or observations.  These can be both past and present experiences and can be about any organisational experiences, not necessarily work experiences, but also experiences in educational, recreational, or charitable organisations, for example. You can, for example, describe interactions between other people that you have observed rather than relating concepts to yourself.  You can also change the details and names as appropriate to maintain confidentiality.
Of course, if you see value to use the diary to think through personal experiences, you are also able to do this.  You should feel assured that the diary is confidential and will only be read by the markers for the module.  The external examiner for the module will also look at a sample of diaries.
You may make the exploration of these experiences or observations as personal as you wish but you should not include any information you feel uncomfortable about, or that “you feel is too” personal to you.  You may find something to have been very valuable learning but feel you would rather not include it.

– Sum up max. 250 words.


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