Persuade a legislator to propose legislation
(a) create a new law; (b) modify an existing law; or (c) repeal a law. If you choose this approach, the paper should be addressed to a legislator (at any level: federal, state, or local). Legislators can act on a proposal. rnrnTopic B rn?Propose a change in your company’s policies and proceduresrnrnRequirements: rn?Position must be supported by research (must have at least two references) that is formally and properly documentedrn?The paper must have specific recommendations. If it is to change a law, it should include who (the legislator) is to do what (propose legislation) and when (in the next legislative session)rn?The paper must include the following:rnContentrnSynopsis or executive summary rnTable of contents rnPage numbers rnBody (APA style formatting) rnSections (divide your paper accordingly, such as Introduction, and give each major idea a section tit le)rnRecommendations rnConclusions rnReference page (APA style citations)

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