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Your customer is the owner of a sandwich shop. They wish to have a website developed in PHP with MySQL, which will allow customers to review a menu and order sandwiches from the shop. Use the web development skills acquired in this and other classes to ensure the site is professional looking with use of colors, fonts, formatting, etc.The website will make use of a common header and footer (stored in separate ‘include’ files) for each webpage within the site. The header will contain the name and logo of the sandwich shop. The footer will contain the address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and hours of operation.The web page will provide a link to a page that displays the zip codes within the delivery area.The menu will display an alphabetical listing of sandwiches by name with a short description, a price and an option to add the item to the order.  Clicking on the menu item will open a webpage displaying the name of the menu item selected, its picture, a 10-25 word description, the price, and an option to add the item to the order ( a single PHP file should be used to display each/all menu items individually).Customers must register prior to being able to order from the menu. Customers must provide a name, address, zip code, email, and phone. The webpage will provide a form using sticky values that self-validates the registration information:· All fields are required.· The phone must contain a 3 digit area code, 3 digit exchange, and 4 digit number.· The email must be properly formatted.Returning customers will be identified by use of a cookie.Customers can select as many items from the menu as they wish. The items selected will be preserved/persistent until the order is confirmed or canceled. The customer may cancel the order at any time.When the order is confirmed, the system will display an order confirmation containing the customer’s information (name, address, phone, email, and zip code), a listing of the items ordered (item name, quantity, and price), sales tax (pick a percentage), a delivery charge if they are in the delivery area or a “order for pickup” notice if they are not, and the total.The order information will also be stored in a text file (presumably to be printed for the driver). Each order should be stored in a separate file.You must create a separate form allowing the customer to add items to the menu. Each item added will be validated to ensure all information has been provided. Once the item has been added, it should be properly displayed when a customer opens the menu page and the item details page.submit a zip file containing:· Your properly annotated PHP files,· Any images or supporting files, and· A MySQL dump file containing your database (

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