Pipe Head Loss
This is a lab report for a fluid mechanics class in mechanical engineering major, follow the exact format in this link: http://mhhe.com/biosci/genbio/maderinquiry/writing.html I REPEAT, THIS FORMAT MUST BE FOLLOWED Exactly. Also,Data sheets are going to be uploaded with the timing data sheet and both must be used in the report, Trail #1 will have the timing for trail #1 and so #2, and #3. Please MAKE SURE THE EQUATIONS ARE TYPED NOT ADDING PHOTOS OF THE EQUATIONS, THEY MUST BE TYPED BY THE WRITER. Also, the calculations must be right, and clear using the numbers in my data and formulas related to the topic. I ordered 4 labs from you guys the first one was AWESOME but the second and the third were honestly so bad to the point where it affected my total grade in the class, and the fourth was fantastic. So please make sure you do it right this time. Just please do it right.

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