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You are a sales representative for OfficeWorks, Inc. Your
current assignment is to travel to several universities in your city and pitch
sales of a new electronic tablet to various school representatives.
On your first day, you have scheduled three separate
First, you’re meeting with a group of faculty from the
English department.
Then, you’re meeting with a group of students from the
Information Technology program.
Lastly, you’re meeting with four deans from the College of
General Studies.
How would you prepare for each of these meetings? What
research would you do? How would you analyze your audience before, during and
after your presentation? Tie some of the ideas that we’ve discussed (about
nonverbal communication, extemporaneous speaking and knowing your audience)
together and inform us as to how you prepare for your first university visit!
Now that you have done your due diligence and prepared for
each individual audience sector, it’s time to visit the university and sell your
electronic tablet!
How will you address
your audience differently? Show us how your preparation paid off!

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