planning and zoning


planning and zoning

This is a land use evaluation I want you to use this chapter which is chapter 11 and here is the link and the instructions :

Land Use Evaluation
Step 1: Access a Land Use Planning Document
? City, Township, County or Parish Ordinances
? Comprehensive Plan
? Special District Plan including Enterprise Zones
? Growth Management Plan
? Etc. (if in doubt, run it by Dr. Fitch)

Step 2: Read/review the document

Step 3: Identify the Purpose and Goals of the document

Step 4: Write an Executive Summary of the Document (one or two paragraphs)

Step 5: Identify the key land use types controlled under this document (one to
three paragraphs)

Step 6: Identify the key land control mechanisms described in the document
(one to three paragraphs)

Step 7: Identify the mechanisms for securing exemptions/waivers to the
ordinances/guidelines/regulations. Is there a body/organization which acts as a
governing body and to which appeals may be made or are such appeals handled
exclusively by the planning authority? (one to two paragraphs)

Step 8: Review/access the completeness/comprehensiveness of the document.
Identify mechanisms (where applicable) for amending the document (one

Step 9: Is it a stand-alone document/set of rules or does it tie into other
resources, e.g. maps, databases, other regulatory codes (one paragraph)

Step 10: Review the document for it adherence to principles of good planning,
ease of use (can it be understood by non-professionals) and overall
readability, i.e. evaluate its ?user friendliness? (one paragraph)..

Step 11: Comment of any features of interests, glaring omissions, etc. Evaluate
(give opinion) on why this is a useful document or not and whether or not it
adequately meets its identified goals, objectives, purpose(s) etc. (one to
three paragraphs).

Step 12: Write up a cover sheet: Starting on the top margin on the left side
Your Name;
ENVS 350 ? Land Use Evaluation #_
Name of the Document Reviewed/Evaluated
Dr. Eric Fitch
Date: Term:

Step 13: Write up, edit, print and submit. Land use evaluations should run 3 to
5 pages in length. Single sided. Typed/printed 1 ½ to 2 spacing. 1 inch
margins/ border. 10 to 12 point font.


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