Essentially, a focus on how this narrative poem employs literary devices to create a sense of time moving throughout the poem, and emphasize the speaker’s feelings of hurt and urgency. (Prompt attached).

I mentioned my ideas to my prof about each disaster as a device to slow the speaker, the truck / heart metaphor, repetition with slight variance (thunder struck / thunder hollered), the atypical structure (lines denoting “chunks” more than stanzas, and the few lines that are completely on their own.

It’s a rich poem, honestly, I think there’s a good amount to work with. The prof said the questions are flexible (I was sort of answering two of them). This is already late, and it doesn’t have to be perfect because we’ll have an opportunity to revise and resubmit. I have been stuck after about one sentence for like 4 days opening and trying to write, just can’t get the ideas to start flowing it seems. Just give me something quick and dirty.

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