The Clothespin;by Rhonda Bower

Through the window I see Her, my neighbour. She hangs his shirt. It thunders in the breeze. Clasped by a clothespin Beside her pale dress. Side by side, they move. The

clothespin is all That holds them together.

Your Hands
by Gevorg Emin

I love your hands which hold me, held me, for so many years without binding me,
hands which make me master without mastering me,
encircle without strangling me,
lift me the way the drowning man is lifted,
hands whose cupped shells change me
slowly slowly into the pearl they wanted all the time

Does the filmmaker “hold a mirror up to nature”? Discuss with reference to Plato and the art of film. Use the Lumière Brother’s film(s) and/or any other film(s) of

your choice to illustrate your claims.

Keep in mind that the main thing I am looking for is that you show a general understanding of the concepts involved. There is no one “perfect” response, but you must

show that you have read and considered the question, the text and the film(s) carefully.


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