Watch these three short films about women and consumerism. Think about who made these films and why and for what audience:

• In the Suburbs:
• A Word to the Wives:
• American Women: Partners in Research:

Then read the excerpt from Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique (1963) on Blackboard (main HIS 104 page) in the folder “Feminists.”

Then listen to Fannie Lou Hamer’s testimony before the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention in 1964:

For your response, choose one of the three short films. In a couple paragraphs, critique the film’s message as if you were Betty Friedan or Fannie Lou Hamer. In other words, take the point of view of either a white (Jewish) female college-educated self-identified feminist from the urban North, or a black female sharecropper turned political organizer from rural Mississippi.