policy analysis on substance abuse


Complete a scholarly analysis of a current social policy issue or pending legislation.  Select a social policy from either a local, state, or federal level. You will need to obtain approval of your choice from the instructor before you begin this assignment. 10-12 pages.  Due week 12.

1. Identify the following:

a. Name of the social issue or condition (use an academic/empirical definition constructed by experts). a) Describe the prevalence, and who is affected. b. Name of current or proposed state or federal policy attempting to address this social condition (you must read the policy).  c. Name of one public (governmental), private nonprofit, or private for-profit agency which    provides services related to the social condition.  d. List service(s) provided by this agency.

2.  Policy Analysis Framework

a. Identify the policy goals b. Describe the benefits and services c. State the eligibility rules
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d. Describe the service delivery systems in detail e. How are the benefits and services financed? f. What NASW Code of Ethics values and broad ethical principles are addressed by the current or proposed policy.

3.    Historical Analysis

a. What policies and programs were developed earlier to deal with the problem?  In other words, how has this problem been dealt with in the past?

b. How has the specific policy/program under analysis developed over time?

What people, or groups of people, opposed (voted against and advocated against) the policy?· What people, or groups of people, initiated and/or promoted (voted for and advocated for) the policy? (Politicians, formal advocates, lobbyists) ·

c. What does history tell us about effective/ineffective approaches to the problem being addressed? (What policies have been attempted or enacted in the past, have they been effective? Why or why not?

d. To what extent does the current policy/program incorporate the lessons of history?

4. Advocacy and Practice

a. Identify potential shortcomings of the policy b. Identify how this policy may create forms of oppression and discrimination c. What actions and/or roles can social workers take in bringing about change to this policy (ie. policy practice or advocacy) d. Write a 1-2-page executive summary or 1-page infographic with stats, etc., that can be distributed at your agency

The paper will be graded on the depth and breadth of your analysis, the organization and logic of your discussion, and the use of evidence to support your position and the clarity of your writing. In addition, include what you have learned from this assignment.

You must rely on books and articles to supplement your research. Information obtained from the internet must be limited and come from reputable research sources.

Possible policy areas: Mental health, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, domestic violence, poverty and income support, family and child welfare, health care, disabilities, drugs, education, criminal justice, older persons, civil rights, immigration.

This paper is to be 10-12 typed, double-spaced pages using APA style publication standards. American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

Use 12-point font, Times Roman or Arial.  This assignment will be 20% of your final grade. Late papers will not be accepted, resulting in failure of the assignment. Please do not hesitate to meet with me for consultation if needed.

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