Policy Breif


Choose a social problem that is of interest to you, study solutions that have been advanced to address the problem, and choose one of these solutions to recommend. Prepare a policy brief addressed to a specific audience, such as a decision-maker or group of decision-makers – a legislative body (a local city council or county commission, a state legislature, or the Congress), a committee of a legislative body, a board of directors of a non-profit organization — or a community organization or citizens in general. A policy brief is a short paper that identifies a social problem, some alternative solutions, and a recommended solution. For guidance see Smith, pp. 67-70, and the Resources for Your Policy Brief on the course website. You may also want to read some of the Examples of Policy Briefs on the course website. As you will see, policy briefs can vary in length. For this assignment, your policy brief should be no more than five pages long, not counting a cover page (if used) and the reference list. Although these items are not usually part of a policy brief, please be sure to identify to whom you are addressing the policy brief and provide reference list of the resources you used to complete your policy brief.

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