A. Introduction (1page)
1. Overview of the Problem
2. Description of Past Attempts to Solve Problem
B. Problem Analysis
1. Assessment of Past Policy Performance
2. Severity of the Problem (How many affected? Is the problem getting worse? – Graph or Table to demonstrate
this is required)
3. What is Causing the Problem (i.e., are the causes something that government can address?)
4. Major Stakeholders
D. Plausible Alternative Solutions
1. Description of Proposed Alternatives (minimum of 3 including doing nothing)
2. Comparison of Future Consequences of these alternatives
3. Constraints and Political Feasibility
E. Policy Recommendation(s)
1. Criteria for Recommending Alternatives (economic, social equity, effectiveness, etc.)
2. Description of Preferred Alternative(s)
3. Description of Implementation Strategy
4. Provisions for Monitoring and Evaluation
5. Limitations and Unanticipated Consequences

References APA style.

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