The goal of the final paper is for each student to write an 8-10 page paper regarding the major issues defined in poverty as it faces the United States. The format of the final paper must be in APA format and must be 8-10 pages in length. You must utilize 3-5 outside academic sources to receive full credit for the paper. Students will have the opportunity to select any topic that has been covered in class and relate it to the following categories. There will be NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS accepted as this is the final for the course. All papers must be turned by December 10th at midnight.
Based on the topics discussed this semester, you will be asked to define the following in your paper and write a policy that you feel would work best to solve the three issues you have defined as the causes for poverty. In your paper you shall define the following:
1. What do you feel are the three major causes of poverty in America?
2. What policy or policies would you implement to solve the 3 major issues you feel are the root causes for poverty?
Within your policy or policies please define the following:
• What your policy will do and what specific population it will assist (men, children, women, etc.)
• What organizations would be necessary for your policy to work and why (include the reasoning for selecting each organization)
• The timeline for your policy implementation, including start date and duration for implementation
• What is the sustainability plan for your policy (how do you keep it going after implementation)

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