Power Point Presintation


Power Point Presintation
Analyze biological and humanistic approaches to personality. Choose one of the following topics:

1. Describe biological factors that influence the formation of personality
* Inherent predispositions (genetics) and abilities
* Darwin & evolutionary personality theory
* Temperament and personality
* Right brain/left brain personality differences
* Twin studies
* Physical differences/changes and personality

2. Examine the understanding of biological influences on personality
* Good genes – bad genes – master race?
* Biological approach to personality
* Looks and personality
* Personality attributable to social mechanisms
* Survival of the fittest – eugenics – human genome
* Inferior/superior personalities
* Gender and personality

3. Trait theory and personality development
* Personality measurement as a predictor of behavior
* Measurement of psychological adjustment
* How does heredity and environment influence personality development
* Describe the Big Five Factor Theory and its uses

4. Explain the basic aspects of Allport’s Theory
* Describe the major themes of the theory
* Personality traits as described by Allport
* Explain Social Phenomena
* Humanistic-Existential view of personality

Create an 8 – 10 minute presentation with Microsoft® PowerPoint” (Option! Prezi or Xtranormal).

Divide topic into 3 – 4 subtopics and prepare 2 – 3 slides of explanation for each.

Personality: Classic Theories
Tips for Creating a Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation
Include at least two of the following media drawn from outside sources and accurately cited consistent with APA guidelines:
Images/visuals (cite in an Image Reference Page for each image used)
Audio clips
Short video clips
Brief text descriptions and identifiers

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