? Please read the article described in the following link
? Make a scatter plot of the data using EXCEL or another program of your choice.
? Fit the data to the model function, ??(??) = ????
-???? + ??, where T(t) is the temperature as a
function of time t. If you do not know how to fit a function in Excel, you may find
examples on YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fd4ukzkxps
? From the BEST fit (using the minimization and solver method), find the parameter values
of A, B, and C with their appropriate units. Record these values below.
? Print BOTH the spreadsheet and the graph to turn in with your work.
A = ____________________________ ( )
B = ____________________________ ( )
C = ____________________________ ( )
? Use the model function that you developed to estimate the time it took for the person to
drink his coffee at the desirable temperature of 10°F above the room temperature value at
McDonald. Show your work below.

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