Presentation Speech
Successes in any endeavour entail a lot of sacrifices and self-realization in the environment of participation. This is achievable only achievable through in cooperation of five principal pillars. Success pillars include self-control, reciprocal determination, social learning theory, background education, and observation learning. Over and above, hard work is a key player. Therefore, looking an in-depth on these factors is going to make an intrinsic part of this speech.
Self-control call upon the ability to be your own manager. This starts from time management to result driven motives. For example, a technician employed in a textile company should ensure on the efficient operation of the machines. This is achievable if he first loves the profession by ensuring he is at work regardless of the director’s presences. Essentially, self-control compels inters ethical behaviour in an organization.
Reciprocal determinism is how individual interact in any environment in order to achieve set objectives. This is tremendously imperative because unity is always power. For example, employees in an organization should freely share their ideas other than competing. Additionally, they should have the spirit of standing in for their colleague whenever they are not in a position to deliver.
Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge over time from school. The acquisition of this knowledge depends on education from school and experience build over time. Alternatively, observational learning is a keen attention on what happen in the vicinity. These two are somehow similar because they both requires concentration. In general, they are the backbone for siphoning knowledge. For example, a student under attachment gain knowledge through eighty percent observation and asking of questions to the senior colleagues. Therefore, the practicum adds to the knowledge already gain in class. This is the social learning theory.
Another determinant of success is the role models. Notably, most individuals have got people in the society whom they look to for inspiration. Role model might be someone within reach and alive, or someone out of reach either because they are dead or geographically far apart. Nonetheless, role models are people who have contributed to the society and have left desired result that agitate others to follow the same. Therefore, careful selections of a role model provide better guidance.
In conclusion, the five pillars are critical for success in any field in life. All of them are influenced by the environment of residence. In addition, corrections and positive competition are also indispensable. Challenges should strengthen and help project and prepare for other bolder in the future. Finally, behind every glory there is a story, this is the time to design a story to be told about your glory.

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