Presidential papers

Presidential papersPaper details:

Portfolio Requirements: The portfolio calls for several components that must be submitted in order to successfully satisfy the course requirements.
There four components of the portfolio they are as follows:
1. Electoral College
2. Constitution Assignment
3. Presidential Paper (Lyndon B. Johnson)
Electoral College: Explain this question in a 1-2 page written report, this assignment will be checked for content, plagiarism, and grammar. Please ensure that you adhere to all guidelines that are outlined within the syllabus and the academic honesty policy via
1. Explain the function of Electoral College in presidential contests.
2. Explain the outcome of the Electoral College in reference to the President that you have selected. This should be inclusive of the most recent election if President was re-elected for more than one term.
Constitution Assignment: The Constitution assignment will consist of you selecting 10 of the 27 amendments in the United States Constitution. After you have selected the amendments that you would like please answer the following:
1. Explanation of each Amendment that you have selected in your own words.
2. Supply a Supreme Court Case that directly applies to the Amendment of choice. explain the details of this case in your own words.
Presidential Paper: Students are required to research and write a major term paper on a Political figure which will be selected from a list of names provided from the instructor. The paper should be 4-6 pages with a minimum of five research sources. The final typed paper must be written in APA style. Students must submit an electronic copy of this paper to class drop box. All papers will be evaluated for plagiarism and the school policy will apply to any plagiarized paper. The research paper submission is a requirement and will need to be submitted during the course for approval.

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