Prison: A Second Home- research paper

I’ve been assigned a research paper.
Thesis: The harsh and unbearable conditions within prisons greatly contribute to reincarnation rates, scarring the prisoners instead of rehabilitating them.
I have already written the intro paragraph.
The intro is a bit more abstract and less factual than the rest of the paper should be. Please use the sources I will provide below to write a well-written research paper. Do not make the language too good but make it seem like it was in the intro. Also, please correctly cite and use the sources in my attached annotated bibliography. DOUBLE SPACE.

as i said, a few documents were merged together and attached. this includes the annotated bibliography which should be used!!!!! it also includes my intro and my SIMPLE sentence outline for the research paper. please note that the final paper should have more complex language than the outline. ALSO PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO USE STATISTICS AND CITE FROM THE SOURCES GIVEN!!!

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