Product Management in Software Development

Hi, I am interested in your services.

I am looking for an academic writer to support me in finishing my Master’s thesis in the field of Product Management in Software Development. Tasks involve writing parts of the literature review and methodology chapters. Estimated effort: 20 pages (~ 350 words) overall. Thesis is about 50% done at this time.

Writers with experience in IT and management as well as in qualitative research and analysis preferred. Experience in postgraduate writing and APA reference style is a must.

However, before committing to such a large project, I’d like to get an understanding of your writing skills and style. Would you please write me one page of literature review as a test? Of course, I will pay for the one page, if you’d like to send me an offer beforehand.

If you agree, please write a page of literature review about this topic: “Data driven decision making” (in a software development context)
Please include APA style references.

To give you some context for the literature review, the introduction to my thesis is attached.

If I am happy with your review, I’d like to work with you for more pages.

Best regards!

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