Packaging Exercise: Go to a store (grocery store, drug store, super market,
etc.) and spend some time looking at the packaged goods. Choose a product
that you think has either a very bad or very good package, in terms of
marketing communications. Write no more than a 2-page (single spaced, at
least ¾ inch margins all around, 12 point font) analysis of the package and
what you think makes it either good or bad. What does the package
communicate about the product/brand? How does it do this (executional
elements)? Is that message consistent or inconsistent with what you think
the overall marketing communication/branding objectives are for the
product? Your evaluation may suggest more effective packaging in the
future, if you think the current packaging is lacking in any respect. As with
the ad critique, above, it should be both of great practical relevance and it
should also demonstrate a familiarity with relevant concepts and methods
covered thus far in the course. Your analysis and your (photos of) package are
due at the beginning of class. Be prepared to discuss your package choice in

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