You completed my last paper. Just need you too elaborated on the below direction. I also will be requesting you for the final draft which is due in two weeks.

Reassessment and Adjustment

Reassessment and Adjustment is your opportunity to look at the changes that will take place as a result of your recommendations. If you anticipate these changes will be accepted and adopted, you probably are on the right path. Nevertheless, even if you are on the right path, you will most likely experience some resistance to change from somewhere in the organization.

The readings this week address change in an organization. When you do your reassessment and adjustments to your findings and recommendations, consider how you may help your client address the issues surrounding the changes you are advising.

This is your week to look over all your work that you have done thus far in the class. As you do so, please make sure:

• You have clearly stated the problem to be addressed
• You fully understand the needs of the organization as they relate to the problem
• The solution you have proposed actually relates to the problem you identified
• You have clearly identified the risks and rewards that relate to the original problem and the solution you have proposed
• You have clearly and fully identified the impacts to the organization and the stakeholders

******( If you will make no changes after you have reevaluated your work to this point, your paper only needs to state that you will continue on the path you are currently moving along.)

If you make any changes or adjustments, you paper should state the changes you will make to your original analysis and recommendation(s) and the reason(s) for the changes.

I would expect at this point that you will not have major changes, but if you do find you need to “begin again” please take the time to go through all the steps in order to turn out a quality product.

Turn in: One or more pages in a word document, attached here

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