The final paper for this course should make use of the texts, theories, themes and ideas from the course to examine Richard Wright’s Native Son. The paper is 5-7 pages and must make use of at least TWO of texts in addition to Wright’s novel. The texts are:

• Aeschylus, The Oresteia
• Plato, Republic
• Aristotle, Poetics
• Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy
• Kierkegaard, “Ancient Tragedy’s Reflection in the Modern”
• Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus
• Kafka, The Trial

You are responsible for developing your own topic. However, some of the themes that you may consider include:

• Tragedy and Native Son as tragic drama
• Bigger Thomas: Tragic heroes ancient and modern
• Society, the Absurd and tragedy
• Habit, choice and expectation in Native Son
• Art and lived experience
• Tragedy as trial: Joseph K. and Bigger Thomas
• Morality and Tragedy
• Apollonian and Dionysian elements in Native Son
• Fate and responsibility in Native Son
• Native Son and catharsis

These are suggestions: you can choose any topic as long as it applies to Native Son and involves two other texts from the course.

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