Here is the structure of the paper:

section 1. Introduction and Thesis:
Give us your own definition of Hell, or the underworld, or the land of the Dead. What is it that makes a place dangerous, physically, psychologically, or spiritually? Tell the reader your opinion, and then say you will show us how u and various other writers have created this place.

Sec 2. Poetry:
Now, compare another poem such as ” The Tyger” and “The Lamb”. Show the reader how both works create the dangerous Hell-ish place, in their setting; are there also any similarities in character (s) and theme?

Sec 3. Short Fiction:
Now show how Nathaniel Hawthorne, T. C. Boyle, James Baldwin, or Flannery O’ Connor also use “The Tyger present Hell, in setting, characters, and theme.

Sec 4. Drama Film:
Now show how the director of any film or play also brings us to this “Hellish” place of death or danger. Does this work too resemble “The Tyger,” in setting, character (s), and theme?

Sec 5. Your own Individual Choice Of artist:
Now show us how an artiest you have chosen, in one or two of their works, has brought the reader to hell-ish, deathly, place – and resembles “The Tyger” how, in setting, character (s) and theme. Find at least two critics – – at least one from a book and one from an online scholarly Journal – – who support your views; include quotes from them in your essay.

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