Summary of project: For this project, a Pinterest board illustrating how fashion has changed over time is required. Each student will
select five images within current magazines and/or the web that are influenced by silhouettes and/or design
features of historic costume. One of the main goals of this project is for the student to understand how elements
of historic costume are often incorporated into the silhouette of modern design.

Looking through any contemporary publication, fashion magazine, or website select 5 images that are
influenced in some way by historic costume. Then locate illustrations of these influences in sources on
historic costume (e.g., books, magazines, websites). Five (5) sets must be created. For each set, you will
include one historic image and one contemporary image. Illustrations must be placed side-by-side, so that it
is easier for the reader to compare.

Note: Comparisons between historic and contemporary images provided ready-made by magazines are
NOT accepted. You must find your own sets

There must be VARIETY of dress represented within your project. That is, you cannot include all five sets of images
on shoes or hats. At least three of your pins must compare the following: dresses, skirts, blouses, coats, jackets,
and/or underwear. At least one pin must be dedicated to men’s styles and another one to children’s wear. Only
one pin of the following can be included: shoes, makeup, hats, and/or other accessories.

Each set of images must include the following information:
a. A brief description that clearly specifies the garment names and time periods of both illustrations.
(See Pins Format on Blackboard for an example).
Place the historic image on the left and the contemporary image on the right. Describe each•
image on separate paragraphs and indicate which is which; that is, in bold letters write
“Historic image (left):” and “Contemporary image (right):”
b. In at least two paragraphs, analyze the images. Discuss how you believe the modern styles has been
influenced by historic styles. In your analysis, include the following:
Type of influence: Is the garment a full-blown revival of a historic silhouette or a subtle•
influence? Explain your response – be specific.
Comparison: Interpret the contemporary design in comparison to the historic influence. That•
is, compare and contrast both images and indicate major changes in design. What elements
of costume are similar? What are the major changes/differences in terms of design? Be
Other influences: Are there other historical influences happening in the contemporary image•
such as hair, makeup, surroundings, shoes, etc.? If so, describe – be specific.

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