You are a management consultant and, as an expert on strategic management, you have been
invited by the local Chamber of Commerce to deliver a presentation on strategic management.
In attendance will be a broad representation from the local business community as well as
members of the not-for-profit sector. Some members of your audience will be business-for-self
trades people, some will be owners of small businesses in the retail, tourism, manufacturing,
resource, and other industry sectors. Some audience members will be professionals such as
lawyers or accountants. There will even be a few people who are managers in large
With such a varied audience you will be expected to keep your presentation general and to
show how strategic management can benefit all businesses. This presentation is also an
opportunity for you to expand the client base for your consulting company so you want to ‘sell’
strategic management to the audience.
The Chamber has allotted up to 20 minutes for your presentation and assures you that any
audio/visual equipment you might need will be available.
Assuming your audience does not have a background in academic business theory, prepare a
presentation to fit the above-cited scenario. The presentation should outline the strategic
management model, provide illustrative examples (local, where possible), and focus on the
benefits of strategic management.
The purpose of this assignment is to have you, the student, explain strategic management
principles in as broad a context as possible. The expectation is that you will take the ‘book’
information and apply it to local, ‘real world’ situations.

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