This project will involve comparing and contrasting Comte, Marx and Durkheim to a short (up to 30 minutes) video/DVD of your choice or youtube video.

For this project, you must write a 2-3 page double-spaced analysis of a video.

You need to:

Identify a video/DVD (from YouTube or elsewhere, like the Films on Demand database in the PCC Library)
Provide a short summary of the video/DVD (What is the video about? Clarity is important!)
Separately, explain how Comte, Marx and Durkheim would view – interpret your video/DVD. Thoroughly explain using sociological concepts/terms. (You may write as much as possible.)
Which paradigm is most represented in your video/DVD? Explain.

Note: You may not use “Mean Girls” or “Marriage is an Insane Proposal” for this assignment.


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