Module: Project Management and Leadership.
Assignment Title: Creating and Leading a Project Plan.
Word Limit 4000 (+ 500 words maximum allowed)
Submission Date 17th April 2016

Your Task
A project management framework is a plan that business leaders devise in
order to effectively administer tasks and strategies within an organisation.
The project management framework sometimes is called a project control
cycle because it lays out the plans for controlling all aspects of the project
from finances through to objective-setting.
For a project with which you are familiar, you are required to write a report
that reviews the project management approach using theoretical concepts,
techniques and principles discussed in the recommended textbook for this
module as well as in the academic literature on project management and
leadership theories.
In the report, you are required to:

a. Define objectives of the project
b. Identify the work and how to break it down into smaller tasks
c. Estimate time and cost for doing the tasks
d. Sequence and schedule the tasks, determine the critical path
e. Optimise the assigning of resources to the tasks
f. Review for risks and set the baseline plan

As part of the discussion in your paper, review the approaches taken to
managing the chosen project by paying particular attention to theoretical
principles/concepts/techniques on planning estimation techniques, resource
management, and risk analysis that are/were appropriate/inappropriate for
the project.

As a summary/conclusion to the paper, on the basis of your research for this
assignment, justify the qualities and skills you believe is most important for
leading/managing the project.

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