Over years, several Protocols were created, which allowed these computers to communicate with each other.

A protocol is a stranded rules that the communication is based on. Because the computers have many ways to communicate with each other there are many protocols include: TCP/IP, SLIP, HTTP, and FTP. Each “P” means Protocol.
First protocol, “TCP/IP” means “Transmission Control Protocol” or “Internet Protocol” this is the language of the internet and it allows cross-network communication. there is a difference between TCP and IP. TCP breaks message into packets and each packet has all the information needed to travel from one network to another, and the IP is the Packets of the adress. There are four sets of numbers that comprised each address, such as Second Protocol, “FTP” means “File TransferProtocol” ,there are free version of FTP software available on the internet, this enables you to copy files from your “local machine” to your “web server” across the internet.

The Internet Protocol is a way or method that data sent from one computer to another computer on the internet. There is at least one IP address on the internet that identifies computer from all other computers on the internet.
IP addresses can be either Dynamic or Static “ISP” , Static IP addresses cannot be change, they serve permanent internet address and provide a simple way for remote computers to contact people,also its less secure than dynamic IP addresses, since both of the static and dynamic IP addresses are easier to track for data, however, if you follow safe internet practices can help you mitigate this potential problem and keep you computer secure no matter what type of IP addresses do you use.

Do you know how is the internet protocol works? There are many items that makeup WWW “World Wide Web”. The most three important components, First one, the “client machine ” and it’s a machine that sat making web page requests by users,such as printer, scanner and network camera. Secondly, the “web server”, when the computer connects to the internet the hold copies of web pages that are sent by the internet to requesting machines. Finally, the internet.

The recently version is “Internet Protocol Version 6” and it called “IPv6”.One of the advantages of IPv6 that It has large address space, The length of the address for IPv6 is 128bits It has 128bits of the address length for IPv6

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