This week, we read the Cleary (2014) article, titled: “Police interviewing and interrogation of juvenile suspects: A descriptive examination of actual cases.”

Although this article was published in 2014, some of the electronic recordings of juvenile interrogations that the author reviewed had been made as early as 1995 (or 20 years ago!!!).

1. In general terms: Do the conclusions of this study actually provide us with a lot of relevant information? Why/ Why not?

2. In specific terms: Please identify three serious criticisms of this study and explain your reasoning about them.

3. In your opinion: What could Cleary (2014) have done differently in order to enhance the value of her study?

Please respond to these questions on the basis of the article (required). You may elect (not required) to refer to additional source(s).

As always, please copy the questions along with your responses.

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