Each student is required to select a single area of exceptionality, research that exceptionality, and write a 4 to 6 page paper covering that research.  The following points should be covered:

A.    Define the characteristics of the exceptionality
B.    Discuss the assessment and classification of the exceptionality
C.    Give prevalence information
D.    Discuss etiologies
E.    Discuss educational and/or non-educational interventions
F.    Discuss current topics related to the exceptionality

You may use information from your textbook as well as outside sources.  You are required to use information from at least two current research articles (published since January 2012) and incorporate that information into your paper.  Research articles should come from academic/scientific peer-reviewed journals.  A short list of references used will also be required.  You may use basic APA format when citing and listing references.  Additional guidance will be provided in class.  Also, a detailed rubric will be available on eLearning throughout the semester to help guide you in your approach to this paper.

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