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Civil Commitment and the Mentally Ill

Write a – three to five page informative paper on the following
issues related to civil commitment of mentally ill individuals:

What are the insanity
statutes being used in Florida?  

How often the insanity
defense is used and how successful is it?

Identify and discuss
the major criticisms of the insanity defense.

Should the
psychologist provide an ultimate opinion in sanity cases? Explain and support
your reasons with use of outside sources as well as provide the ethical issues
which are raised.

When a mentally ill
person is not seen as insane and is subsequently convicted of their charges and
incarcerated, what are some of the difficulties in providing appropriate
psychological treatment for these offenders while they are
Be sure to support your answers with material from the reading
and/ outside research.

The paper should
contain a cover page and a list of references in APA format.

All internal citation
of outside sources plus the listing of all references should also adhere to APA

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