instructions:. Final Assignment – Due February 8, 2016 (60 %)The final assignment is in two parts:
1. Open book examination on selected cases using the DSM-V
2. Write a 15-20 pages case formulation on a public figure with a known disorder:
(see options below, the list is not exhaustive) (30%)
i. Complete background information including developmental issues that may have
influenced the emergence of his psychopathology,
ii. multi-axial diagnosis,
iii. justification of multi-axial diagnosis,
iv. theoretical basis for the development of his disorder(s)and
v. suggestions for treatment.
o Courtney Love
o Kirk Cobain
o Richard Kuklinski
o Wynona Ryder
o Heathe Ledger
o River Phoenix
o Corey Monteith
o Whitney Houston
o Ted Bundy

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