public health

In a 20-25 page paper, take the view of the epidemiologist in advising the World Health Organization on the public health issues created in Haiti by the 2010 earthquake. Address the following:

Part One: Geopolitical description of Haiti prior to the Earthquake, including major health problems and infrastructure.

Part Two: Immediate impact of the earthquake in terms of human life, injuries, infrastructure damage, and social problems.

Describe the world’s response to the immediate medical needs and the social and public health emergencies.

Outline the major medical issues in the first six weeks after the quake.

Part Three: After the initial impact of trauma on the health system, what public health issues would you advise be monitors? Be specific about what infectious diseases, vector control, and monitoring. How would you set up a surveillance system? What indicators would you monitor? What preliminary allocation of resources should be put in place to minimize the disease burden?

Part Four: Consider the longer term health issues that will need to be considered when rebuilding the health care infrastructure. How do you factor in the high number of amputations, mental health issues, poverty, and food/housing shortages?

Use at least 5 professional references.

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