Pugh Concept Selection Matrix and bill of materials Writer’s choicePaper details:
we’re building a goat shed and we’re in the process of doing it and researching about it. so we came up with this sketch as a first imagination of how our goat shed will look like. it’s going to be truck topper shed it going to be 5 feet tall and the sides going to be from wood bricks as it’s drawn in the sketch. there is also going to be a full-size door and doggy door built into it.
there is also going to be the ramp and a piece of wood to look the goats in, the door going to be made of rubber which is going to swing letting them in and out. In this assignment, I’m going to do a Pugh Concept Selection Matrix, something similar to what I attached. also, I want to do a bill of materials for all the things that

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