Putin’s Revenge

Watch the Frontline investigative report Putin’s Revenge (parts 1 and 2) from the links in the Content/Week 8 area or on your own.  Provide a review of the major events, and describe it in terms of what type of covert action it is, and what national interests were at stake.  Using your own preferred theoretical lens, provide a critique (both positive and negative) of the covert action and the policy decisions it may have been meant to advance.  What lessons learned might we learn from this experience?

Use at least three academic resources from our course materials to make your point, and write in the APA style.  A good resource for APA is the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) found online.  This is a 400-level course, and will strive to help prepare for the writing needs of professionals and/or graduate students.  Students must complete all three papers with at least a grade of C to receive a passing grade for the course.

Your essay must be at least 8 pages, and may be longer.  It is imperative that you be able to express your mastery of the course learning outcomes, and you simply cannot do that without digging into the issues and the materials.

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