This paperwork of QRB 501 Week 5 Individual Assignment Frequency Distribution Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion Quality Control and Normal Distribution Ver 1 contains:

Activity 18.1, question 1, p. 576 (Sevilla, A., & Somers, K., 2007).

Throw out a coin ten times and following each throw, record in the following table the outcome of the throw as well as the proportion of heads up to now.

Activity 18.1, question 2, p. 577 (Sevilla, A., & Somers, K., 2007).

Along the following axes, display the ratio of heads up to now, for each throw from your table. What does the graph display?

Activity 18.1, question 3, p. 577 – 578 (Sevilla, A., & Somers, K., 2007).

Assume the decimal number developed is 0.13061. What value do you get in case you multiply that number by 2 and after that take the integer part of it?

Activity 18.1, question 4, p. 579 (Sevilla, A., & Somers, K., 2007).

Write down a passage describing what your graph displays.

Activity 18.1, question 5, p. 579 (Sevilla, A., & Somers, K., 2007).

Place the cursor in any empty cell close to your graph. Press Ctrl= to alter the random numbers and your graph. Repeat this many times and explain how the graph changes.

Activity 18.1, question 6, p. 579 – 580 (Sevilla, A., & Somers, K., 2007).

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