Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods

To prepare for this Assignment:

•Consider the role of theory for each of the five main qualitative approaches. How is the role similar and different among the five approaches?

•What, specifically, do you need to consider in terms of theory while you are planning your qualitative research plan? To assist you with this, consider working on the literature review for your qualitative research plan. As you read articles, examine the theory used and how it relates to your selected topic and approach.

The assignment:

•Craft a paper in which you do the following:
*Compare and contrast the role of theory in the five main qualitative approaches.

*State what you believe, at this time, will be the role of theory in your qualitative research plan and explain any considerations that you must keep in mind regarding theory.

*Analyze each of the five approaches SEPARATELY by supporting your premises with justification.

*You will draft specific problem, purpose, and research questions for each approach; that means, you will have five DIFFERENT sets. NOT one problem, purpose, and set of research questions for all five approaches.

*Defend why the problem, purpose, and questions fit with the approach.

*Utilize at least 5 different academic or peer-reviewed sources. Do not utilize non-academic webpages such as commercial websites, blogs, or wikis.

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