Assignment 5

This exercise is meant to get everyone familiar with using Qualtrics, which you need to use for your final research project. It is also an exercise in creating a survey with questions that provide data to analyze.
We are using the last part of exercise 9.9 in the book (#6-#9). There are three steps you have to take to do this:
1. Register on Qualtrics so you can use it for free. I provided a link to Qualtrics in the content folder tab.
2. Create a survey (be sure to include instructions for the respondent before the survey starts)
3. Send it out to friends or classmates (try to collect at least 20 responses)

We already created a list of the 10 most desired attributes in a leader (see below). You can use these attributes to compare male and female responses in a way that you find easiest for you to analyze.
For example:
a) you can choose to ask them to rank the attributes from 1-10
b) you can categorize them as Most Desirable, Neutral, Least Desirable (of the attributes on the list).
c) you can ask how desirable are these attributes in a female leader; how desirable in a male leader
d) You can come up with a different way to rank the attributes (always comparing female/male responses)

This is not a competition; however some will find it easier to answer #9 depending on the way the questions are asked (a, b, or c); others might come up with a new way to rank attributes (d).
(Note: you do NOT need to do both a and c which is what the book indicates.)

Turn in a 2 page paper responding to #9 that summarizes your results in terms of gender differences. “What do you believe are the causes and effects of the trends you have identified?” If you found no trends or differences—why do you think there were none? For this exercise, I do not want to see graphs or tables for the results—use words to explain what you found.

Save your survey and data so we can go over them in class to discuss survey development, using Qualtrics, what works best for analysis, what is easiest for analytical purposes, etc.

This exercise is to help you learn to create a Qualtrics survey (and potential extra questions) for your final project. As long as you show in this Assignment 5 paper that you created a survey and got results, I do not care if they were good or bad or no differences were found. It is the practice that counts. You get the 10 points for explaining the results—whatever they are—in terms of how your survey was developed and analyzed. The purpose of this final exercise are to discover and discuss together in class lessons learned in creating a survey, obtaining data, and analyzing results using sociological insight. This is preparation for your final research paper.

Attributes: integrity, confidence, (good) communication skills, responsibility, intelligence, motivation, passion, empathy, hardworking, decisive

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