Essay Questions
MGMT 405

Be sure to use complete sentences when answering each question. Also be sure that you use paragraphs when responding. Each of these questions will require more than one paragraph for a complete response. Responses should be typed, 1 ½ to 2 pages in length and double spaced. No more than 3 pages per response. A full page should fill ¾ of the page to be considered complete. Please identify which question you are responding to by either including the question text or the number for question.
1. Define training and explain how an organization can relate training to attracting new employees, employee retention, and motivation. CH1

2. Top Management has determined that it makes sense strategically to become a Learning Organization. Describe what is a Learning Organization and its features. Also explain how a learning organization can be implemented using the strategic training and development process. CH2

3. Describe what a needs assessment is and also explain the process for conducting a needs assessment. Also, identify 3 different methods used in needs assessment and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each method. CH3

4. Compare and contrast any two of the following learning theories: expectancy theory, social learning theory, reinforcement theory, information-processing theory. CH4

5. What is program design? Describe the three phases of the program design process with an example of your choice? CH 5

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