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Assignment 3 – Case Summary & Analysis
This assignment requires you to analyze and critique the decision in R. v. MacDonald from a
perspective of Liberalism (see: “Law, Liberalism and the Critics”, Casebook, 7(a)-(c); this topic
will be discussed in lecture on March 4 & 11). The assignment is due April 1, 2015, by 4:30
p.m. via CULearn; it is worth 20% of your final grade
Your paper will be no more than 4-6 typed, double-spaced pages in length, and it will include
three distinct but well-integrated components, including:
x A summary of the MacDonald case. You will draw upon the relevant material (facts,
issues, analysis) to summarize the case in proper essay form.
x A brief statement describing your understanding of Liberalism1 – what are the basic
elements of this perspective? You need to understand Liberalism before you can think
about how Liberalism would construe a particular decision.
x An explanation of the decision from a perspective of Liberalism – you will need to filter
the case through the lens of Liberalism. What does that lens tell you to pay attention to?
What is important about this decision from the perspective of Liberalism?
Remember that this is an essay, and thus it is expected that your assignment will be in proper
essay form, and will be properly referenced. You are not required to go beyond the course
materials, but if you choose to do so, please be sure to provide full citations for each source
consulted and/or quoted in your paper (you are especially encouraged to consult the source
referenced below!).

*Only use scholarly sources*

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