RE: Q1: Sources of Power

1. In a substantive comment drawing upon Chapter 8 in D., D., and A., briefly describe the two sources of power that you believe are the most effective in public service agencies.

2. In responsive comments to Q1 substantive comments, remark on two other group members’ comments regarding sources of power.

3. In a substantive comment drawing upon Chapter 12 in D, D, and A, Review the case study on page 388 (Fremont, California). Discuss two of the four “Waves of change” with your group. What are your thoughts on the Fremont case?

4. In a responsive comment to Q3, please remark on one other group member’s Q3 substantive comment.

there are 2 attachment of Q1: Sources of Power reviewed by someone else to take as an example please make sure do not copy the work

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