Reading the Media


You must answer one question only in this section. Unless otherwise indicated, your answer must take the form of a critical essay appropriately structured to meet the demands of your selected question. Category A – Film

1. Analyse and evaluate the cinematic techniques employed to create and develop one or more than one character in any one film you have studied.

2. “A good film should not only have immediate impact but should also reward further viewing.” Discuss with reference to one or two films you have studied. Category B – Television

3.“I’ve got to watch TV to figure out the world.” Keeping this statement in mind, discuss the means by which any news or current affairs or documentary programme you have studied mediates events for the viewer.

4.“The one great advantage television has over cinema is the space afforded by the multi-part drama.” Analyse one such multi-part drama (serial or series) to show how the programme makers have used the “space” to increase its dramatic effectiveness. Category C – Radio

5.“Most radio programmes have more than one presenter in an effort to create chemistry.” With reference to more than one radio programme, discuss the extent to which the appeal of these programmes is increased by the “chemistry” between the presenters.

6.“The surreal nature of much radio comedy is as much a product of the medium as it is a product of its writers and performers.” Discuss.


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