Real life cases with very real impact!

Real life cases with very real impact!
Dear Students,
This project guide will help direct you as you plan, execute, and deliver your project for this class. This is an exciting opportunity for you to see how the concepts explored in class apply to real life cases with very real impact! This guide will explain the overall project requirements, and the different sections required for a complete project.
Let’s begin!

Important information:
Length: Minimum 3000 words maximum 4000 excluding tables, graphs, figures

Project Brief:
You are to select a company that you can easily access. You are then to conduct interviews with at least 10 individuals, including project managers and employees, so that you are able to gather information about their projects and project management philosophy. You will assess one of their projects in a report that will include the following sections:
1- Cover page
2- Table of contents
3- Company overview: who they are, what they do, and why you chose it.
4- Methodology: how many respondents, a brief of who they are, the questions asked.
5- Project Overview:
• Time, cost, scope
• Project manager, team selection process
• Stakeholder management
• Project planning (who, when, what)
• Problems / impact / how they were managed
• Risks and how they were managed
Explain if a Project Success or Failure and why
• Lessons Learned from previous Projects
• Issues in Project Life Cycle & Project Life Span

6- Analysis: using the concepts explored in class you must determine
• Was the project a success or failure?
• What was the source of this success or failure?
7- Recommendations: again using the concepts explored in class, as well as research on similar issues, make several recommendations to the company so that they are better able to deal with their challenges and the lessons learned for the future.
8- Sources
9- Appendix (if applicable).

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