Realism in A Doll House

Do not use the following words in your essay(unless they are in a direct quote): I(or any version of “I”), you, your, or it.Note: Johnston’s essay is pretty thick, and you will have to read it carefully—and with a dictionaryin hand. Be sure tolimit your discussion to oneof Johnston’sideas; don’t try to summarize and incorporatehis entire essay into your own essay because doing so really won’t work•You should employ 1 semicolon, 1 colon, 1 set of dashes, 1 set of ellipses, and 1 set of brackets (not used around ellipses)in the essay. •Youshould employat least one short quote and one long quote from eachplay,andyou shouldquoteor summarizedirectly at least once from Johnston’s essay.•Be sure to put Johnston and the twoplays on a works cited page. In addition to the above format,your essay should meet the following guidelines: Be sure to have a well-developed concluding paragraph.The body of the essay should develop your own thoughtsregardinghow Johnston’s idea(s)relate to the two plays.In short, you need to begin with Johnston’s idea(s), but make the essay your own analysis of the plays.There should be no other research/sources used in the essay other than Johnston and the two plays. The body of your essay should involve analysis; avoid summarizing the playsorJohnston in the body of your essay.The number of paragraphs in the body of the essay is up to you.Your first paragraph should introduce, summarize/quote,and discuss oneof the ideas Brian Johnston examines in his essay “Realism and A Doll House” (see D2L link). Yourfirst paragraph should end with a clear thesis statement that relates how you will developthis idea brought up by Johnston to A Dollhouseand either Antigoneor Oedipus the King. You are free to disagree with Johnston’s ideas in his essay.Eric R. FishENGL 1020ESSAY #2: A GUIDED RESEARCHED ESSAY ON THE DRAMAWrite a 1000-word(minimum)guided researched essay using MLA documentation and the format detailed below.Your essay should be organized as follows:

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