Read the two NPR articles that have been posted in this folder. Make notes to identify similar and different arguments between both articles. Then, pretend that you disagree with some of the arguments presented in these articles. Write a 2 1/2 page rebuttal paper to refute or counter some of the arguments both articles express. Your rebuttal paper should briefly summarize the arguments you intend to counter or refute. Look for unstated assumptions, emotions, or facts that may have been left out or exaggerated. Keep in mind the article presents the voices of players. To refute or counter, you need to think like an audience who do not agree with the players’ arguments. This assignment pushes you to think, explore, and explain your own counter-arguments regarding the matter, at hand. Be sure to explain in a clear and concise way. Include adequate support for each response.Your paper should present strong paragraph and sentence structure. Your paper should include an MLA title page and font size should be size 12
Times New Roman (double-spaced).


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