Each student will select an organization listed in Fortune Magazine’s Top Employers to Work for in 2017 and a specific HRM topic from the textbook that the organization is dealing with to analyze from a human resource perspective.  The HRM topic will be approved by the professor.  The topic will be the primary focus, but the history of the organization is required to introduce the HRM issue with which that organization has handled or will handle.  Students will summarize the analysis in a 4-5 page typed paper in addition to a completed cover pageand a separate reference page that adheres to APA guidelines.  At least two scholarly sources that are not more than two years old must be included in the analysis in addition to using the textbook.  The paper should clearly introduce the HRM topic and address what the organization is doing to address the issue or to celebrate it if it is a positive issue.  A biblical perspective should be integrated into the context of the analysis using a Bible verse that makes the point.  The paper will be submitted in Canvas prior to the presentation


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